The Angel Within

    A morning dawned like any do,
    Papers read, the coffee brews.
    It's off to work, or off to class.
    A day will come, a day will pass.

    Somewhere near an angel sighs,
    spreads her wings and starts to cry,
    for prayers today would not suffice.
    Night would fall on this day twice.

    The darkness came without a sign.
    A terror came and robbed us blind.
    A plan so evil, so obscene,
    as only blackened hearts could dream.

    The minutes passed and darkness grew,
    so fast that only precious few
    had the chance to say goodbyes
    in lives that flashed before their eyes.

    Even the angel watched in fear.
    Love had all but disappeared
    A hate that hides in every face
    Had chosen its time, and chosen our place.

    The angel peered with clouded eyes,
    as smoke and ashes filled her skies,
    and she knew when the heavens cleared
    the hurting souls would need her near.

    Then from the darkness came a light,
    as bright as one from Heaven might.
    And from the depths of pain and despair,
    thousands of angels were suddenly there.

    They shined their light for all to see
    that they make up the Land of the Free.
    And no evil or terror could ever replace
    a love for their country and the whole human race.

    The angel sat watching as others appeared
    searching for loved ones through eyes filled with tears.
    And the light grew brighter, each second more true,
    in colors of red, the white and the blue.

    The angel stood up and started to fly
    on her way back to Heaven with tears in her eyes.
    For she knew this day inside all of us,
    an angel was born, and in God we trust.

    Our losses are heavy on a day such as this.
    We know friends and heroes forever we'll miss.
    We stand as a country, in all that we do,
    and show there's an angel, inside me, inside you.

    ~ Author Unknown ~

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