The Little Prayer Rock

    rock I am your little prayer rock
    And this is what I'll do -
    Just put me on your pillow
    Until the day is through.
    Then turn down the covers
    And climb into your bed
    And, whack, your little prayer rock
    Will hit you on your head,
    So that you will remember
    As the day is through
    To kneel and say your prayers
    Just as you intended to.
    When you are all finished
    Just drop me on the floor.
    I'll stay there all night long
    To give you help once more...
    At waking in the morning,
    Clunk, I'll stub your toe
    So you will remember
    Your morning prayers before you go.
    Now put me atop your pillow
    When your bed is made
    And your clever little prayer rock
    Will continue in your aid.
    Because your Heavenly Father
    Cares and loves you so,
    He wants you to remember
    To talk to him, you know.

{a gift idea: copy this poem on a small piece of paper and tape it to a small rock and give it to someone you care about}

~~Author Unknown

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