How Much Does a Prayer Weigh?

There is a story of a grocery store owner who tried to weigh one. A tired-looking woman came into the store and asked for enough food to make dinner for her children. The grocer asked her how much she could spend. The frail woman answered, "I have nothing to offer but a little prayer." The storekeeper was not very sentimental nor religious, so he said, half-mockingly, "Write it on paper, and I'll weigh it."

So she did.

The grocer placed the prayer on the weight side of his old-fashioned scales. Then he began piling food on the other side; but to his amazement, the scale would not go down. He finally became flustered and gave the woman a large bag of food. The grocer never saw the woman again, but he treasures the slip of paper upon which the woman's prayer was written:

"Please, Lord, give us this day our daily bread"

Our heart is the voice of the soul. Listen carefully and in its beating you will hear the fluttering of angel wings.

  • ~ Source Unknown ~

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