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    I know there are many sites on the 'net that are dedicated to heartwarming stories, many sites that are more worthy than this one. But from time to time I receive a story that truly touches my heart (or it's a bit of humor) and feel it worthy to be highlighted once again.

    My indulgence will not be as vast as others because I'm very particular as to what I read and enjoy and want to share. So I hope you find as much joy in the stories that I share here as I have found in gathering them and sharing them with you, the reader.

    May God bless each and every one of you as you explore this site as it grows.


    My Daily Prayer

    Lord grant me health, happiness, peace, love and the power of Your Holy Spirit, and help me to remember there is nothing that can happen to me today that You and I can't handle together. Now and forever.

    Thank you.

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24 Things 26 Guards #*# A "911" Call to God Above You A Cowboy
In Church
A Dad's Letter
A Loan
from God
A Love Story Angel Hug Angels Hugs Angels in
the Alley
A Prayer
A Quarter A Remarkable Puzzle Arnold Palmer ASAP A Subtle Reminder A Trip to Guilt City
Beatitudes for the Home Beginning Today Belle's Smile Beloved One Blindly Go Build Bridges
Not Fences
Life Work
Carrot, Egg or Coffee Bean? Chuckles Closer Walk Commend My Bride Coming Clean
Old Woman
Crystal Tearsİ Daily Garden Dear God Dear Ruth Does God Dance...
Look Back
Do You
Love Him?
Drive Safely Emergency Numbers Everything I Need to Know Fahad's Hope
Five Great Lessons From
Innocent Lips
God Be With You God's Boxes God's Cover Letter God's Wings
God Speaks God Will
Not Ask
Heart of Stone Heart Prints #*# He Has Risen He Is
Homeless Man? How Much? Hugs, Hope
and ...
Hymns for Every Occasion I Asked For... #*# If I Knew
I Forgot My Security System Information Please Installation Love Interesting Statistics Interesting Thoughts In the Midst
I.O.U. I Refuseİ Is it
Any Wonder?
I've Learned I Watched Jesus in
the House
Jesus' Letter #*# John 3:16 Judge Me
by My
Judgment Just Pedal! Kids and
Bible Stories
Lessons Learned from Noah's Ark Letter From
a Friend
Letting Go Life's Bricks Life's Tug-of-War Majesty
May You
Feel Loved
Michael's Song Most Beautiful Flower Mother Taught Nails In
The Fence
Not Yet
Now I Understand Once Upon a Pew #*# One One ... Can Placidly Strive Pledge of Allegiance
Portrait of
a Friend
Positive Thinking Priorities Pushing Against the Rock Quotations
Recall Notice Reminders Rhythm of the Rain Say John 3:16 Scars
Secrets to Happiness Shaya Slow Down Small Facts
About God
Special Friends in Heaven Start Over
Take Time Thankful for the Thorns The Angel Within The Ant The Burdenİ The Cost of
a Miracle
The Daffodil Principle The Deck
of Cards
The Devil's
The Fork The Garage
of Fear
The Gift
The Lesson
of the
The Little Prayer Rock The Lord's
The Marbles The Parking Lot The Puppy
The Road
of Life
The Serenity Prayer The Quilt The Silversmith The Tattooed
The Trouble
The Wooden Bowl Think of Me This Man "Jesus" Traveling On My Knees What a Difference... What If...?
What is a Father? What is Love? Words to
Live By
Your Angel Your Parachute Youth
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The Creation Story from the Biblical perspective, set to Claire de Lune
(Flash presentation)

To read some very special e-mail letters home from a modern-day missionary family that was serving in Gimbie, Ethiopia, please visit The Road to Gimbie.

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