(A loving and determined daddy will do anything to save his child.)

Fahad is an energetic, happy little three-year-old with dark hair and big brown eyes. He loves to watch Barney videos with his big sister; and he dreams of having a bike of his very own.

Fahad’s daddy has a dream too. He dreams that his son’s rare blood disorder (Beta Thalassemia Major) will be cured and that Fahad can have a normal, healthy, and long life.

Arshad Qayyum is determined to save his little boy; and he is doing everything in his power to see that his dream is realized. Arshad left his home, family, and friends. He gave up his job as a computer engineer, and he left his homeland. He spent all his savings to bring his wife and family to America where his firstborn son could have the bone marrow transplant he needs in order to survive.

Arshad and his wife are in a strange, foreign land with no family or friends, no job, no money, no home or car, and no medical insurance. All they have is each other, their dream, and hope. Hope that the treatment will save their son. Hope that they can raise the necessary funds in time. And hope that there are enough caring strangers out there who will help this desperate little family that they don’t even know.

In February, the Qayyum family will arrive in Oakland, California where they will live for at least six months as Dr. Mark Walters and his team at the Children’s Hospital try to save Fahad’s life. The hospital has agreed to reduce their charges for this sick little boy, but Fahad will still have huge medical bills. His father must still support their family of five; and they will need money for transportation, food, and rent. The National Transplant Fund has established an account in Fahad’s name.

Fahad is a lucky little boy. He is lucky to have two loving parents. He’s lucky to have a devoted daddy who dedicates every waking moment to his son’s needs. He’s lucky that there is treatment available that can save his life. And he’s lucky that there are many kind and generous people who are willing to donate a few dollars so that Fahad can have his miracle – and so that his daddy’s dream can come true!

How much do you spend on coffee, soft drinks, or junk food in a month? Perhaps you’d be willing to make a small sacrifice and give these things up for a tiny, dark-haired little three-year-old who loves Barney. You could help save a little boy’s life! By giving up a few snacks, you could be instrumental in helping Fahad’s daddy see his son grow up.

Please help to keep this family’s hope alive. Help Fahad ‘s determined daddy see his dream become reality.

Please help Fahad to have his miracle – and his very own bike to ride when he recovers next summer!

Any size donation would be greatly appreciated. Even small amounts add up when many people give.

Please send contributions to:

Phone: 800-642-8399

~ Marsha Jordan, Director ~
A ministry designed to share God's Word and His love with families of critically ill children

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