Commend My Bride

Recently, I had an encounter with Jesus that I feel would help others as well. In this vision/encounter, I was sitting in a diner having a cup of coffee with a fairly good friend, just chit-chatting and enjoying conversation. At one point, I mentioned casually that my wife had recently done a "real bone-headed thing" by forgetting to pick up my two youngest children at school, leaving them for a couple of hours without anyone knowing how to contact her. (In truth, this is more something I would do than my wife.)

My friend's response to this was unusual. He commented that he, too, had seen my wife do some real empty-headed things in the recent past, and expressed criticism over her doings.

This miffed me a bit, and it got worse as the vision went forward in time. Every time my friend and I met, he took opportunity to comment judgmentally on the foolish doings of my wife that he had recently observed.

Then the Lord spoke and said, "This is how I feel about the way MY friends pray to me about my Bride, the Church. Instead of commending her to me, many are constantly harping to Me about the things she does that they deem foolish or unseemly.

"The time has come for those who approach Me as friend to learn to COMMEND My Bride instead of CONDEMN her.

"Where is the faithful eunuch, who I may entrust to prepare My Bride in the best possible light? Where is he, who knows what I love, and presents her to me that way? He who knows what perfume attracts me to her -- who knows what gown I am most moved by, and presents her to me in the BEST POSSIBLE LIGHT! Where is he who will cover her blemishes rather than discussing them with me?"

I was then reminded of the two sons of Noah, who covered their father's nakedness without gazing upon and studying his nakedness. The son who did this was cursed.

May we be given grace to hear the heart of Jesus.

~~Author Unknown

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