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My FIRST award!

Thank you, Mr. Mom!! (6/1/2002)

Sherre, it's very appreciated! (6/2/2002)

Thank you very much, Ruth Ann (Mindy)! (6/3/2002)

The Site Fights Blooming Baskets
I received a Blooming Basket! (6/3/2002)
Click on the picture to see about sending one
to someone you know for their own website
or just because
(they can still view it - at the originator's website).

Thanks, Katie! You're the greatest! (6/3/2002)

Katie, thank you so much! (6/3/2002)

Renelf, much appreciated! (6/8/2002)

Renelf, what a great honor! (6/8/2002)

Connie, I'm awed at the compliment. (6/8/2002)

Gerry, what a gorgeous award. Thank you.

What an Honor!

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