Ever wonder what angels look like? Are they gray-haired women with dangling earrings like Della Reese in the television show? Or do they resemble chubby, winged babies portrayed in paintings? I've never seen a spiritual being, so I can't say. But I have met some "earth" angels who are just as beautiful as any heavenly spirit could be!

There's my middle-aged friend Margaret in Oregon who lovingly and tirelessly cares for the brain-damaged crack baby she adopted. When he stops breathing due to seizures, she revives him with CPR. As she sits up with him many nights, she crochets afghans and sews quilts and tote bags for other disabled children. Margaret may not have wings, but she's an angel in my eyes!

Across the country, on the East coast, a forty-something cancer survivor, Jan, shares the strength and wisdom she won as a result of her battle with cancer. Understanding the terror of this disease and the joy of defeating it, Jan helps other patients wage their own wars. She takes them under her wings and upholds them, traveling alongside them on their journey. A gifted graphic artist, Jan also creates web art for sick children. Maybe she's not a real angel, but to those hungering for an ear to listen and a hand to hold, Jan is a gift sent from above.

In the Midwest, Mindy, a young, single gal busily types away at her computer. The hundreds of uplifting messages she sends lighten many hearts and restores hope to those weary of life's struggles. It's the tapping of a computer keyboard I hear, but it sounds strangely like the fluttering of angel wings to me.

Sue Gene, in Louisiana, packs a lot of love into each box of toys she mails to ill children. She boasts no supernatural powers, but the smiles she provides are nothing short of miraculous.

In Texas, Tiffany moderates a chat group which is really a lifeline for weary parents of sick kids who vent frustrations, find encouragement, bask in acceptance and understanding, and make lasting friendships. Instead of a halo, Tiff has a southern accent, but she's an angel to over one hundred chatters who depend upon her.

In Massachusetts, full-time student and busy mom, Jenn works with her two school-aged children rubberstamping cards for sick kids who look forward to receiving "happy mail."

These heavenly ladies are just a few of the 500+ members of the Hugs and Hope Club -- the most caring, selfless angels this side of heaven. The group can always use more hug-giving, hope-restoring earth angels among their number. Join them in spreading love, and a little heaven on earth, to sick kids and their families -- one hug at a time. All you need is a caring heart and the desire to share your love. To learn more, visit Hugs and Hope Foundation.

~ Marsha Jordan, Director ~
A ministry designed to share God's Word and His love with families of critically ill children

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